Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Everyone’s at it, almost all the time, and that’s why social media is one of today’s most powerful marketing tools. That said, it must be managed correctly, targeting the right audience with the right messaging.

From B2C campaigns boosted on Facebook to carefully planned lead generation via LinkedIn, social media has the power to deliver amazing results. Our approach is to use social media to listen, and to tell stories. Engagement comes from empathy, and being sold to on social media is an immediate turn-off. Being offered opportunities is a winner.

We help clients who are social media novices who know they should be doing it but don’t quite know where to start and clients who have the material but not the time. Whichever category you fall into, we’re here to help with planning, execution and, above all, analysis, so connect with us to learn more.

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We have always found Postscript very responsive and professional. They listened to what we wanted to achieve with our brochures and are always very helpful, accurate and provide a fast turnaround to meet tight deadlines.

Kate Knill, Manager, Toshiba (CRL)