Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

It’s a competitive world out there and we all want to be found. Page one is the aim, but there isn’t room for everyone, so it takes nous and creativity to climb the Google ladder.

Using a combination of well-crafted, optimised content, intelligent design and coding, regular updates and high-ranking backlinks, we know how to lift our clients to where they want to be. It’s by no means a quick fix, and it takes patience, consistency and application, but over time the results speak for themselves.

We don’t promise the earth, we just commit to improving search positions within an agreed timeframe. But we don’t stop there. We’re always keen to learn about the number of enquiries generated and the conversion rate to target constant improvement.

If you’re confused by SEO and need some clear thinking and a simple plan, we’re waiting for your call.

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Postscript have done a wonderful job creating our new website. Their creativity and technical expertise has resulted in a site that is light years ahead of where we were, and they have set us up perfectly to update and manage the site with our in-house resources. One of the things that impressed us most was the careful attention to detail given to our product range, which is captured in the excellent photography and the use of these images across our website.

Richard Perera, Head of Marketing & Regional Sales Director, Landqart AG