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With the latest phones and the popularity of platforms such as Instagram, everyone considers themselves a photographer these days. But deep down we all know there’s a lot more to great photography than point and click. It’s not hard to spot a professional portrait or location shot, so why settle for mediocre pictures on your website or in your collateral? We believe that great photography is an essential component of the marketing mix, not just to generate sales but also to create a bond between you and your audience.

People buy from people, and professional photographs give you a head start in the race to stand out. Our photographers are experts in their field, so there’s no need to compromise.

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Healthier Options has enjoyed and benefited from working with Postscript to develop our brand identity, website and promotional materials. The design of the Healthier Options website is excellent, providing an interesting and creative way of promoting our local initiative. Postscript offers a friendly and professional service, and provides valuable continued support too. A great company to work with.

Helen Reed, Health Improvement Specialist – Nutrition, Public Health Directorate, Cambridgeshire County Council