Email marketing

Email marketing

We’re all bombarded 24/7 with often mediocre promotional emails, many of which we don’t remember signing up for and almost all of which end up in our trash. So why bother with email marketing?

We believe that the answer is that, if executed professionally, email marketing can raise brand awareness, increase customer engagement and engender loyalty. Our approach is to be selective about the content and imagery, to schedule activity to avoid alienating the recipients and to make every email communication an event in itself.

Whether it’s a regular email newsletter designed to direct traffic to your website or a focused campaign to drive product sales and customer loyalty, we like to tell stories and we look to create innovative offers which are both enticing and trackable.

We’d love to discuss how an integrated email marketing campaign could complement your existing sales and marketing activity, so let’s grab a coffee and have a chat.

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Working with Postscript has been a pleasure. The work they have done for us has all been beautiful and modern, which is exactly what we wanted. They are accessible and flexible, friendly and professional. We have needed work to be turned around quickly and they have delivered it with time to spare. They also have good working relationships with printing companies, which is useful. I would not hesitate to recommend Postscript.

Emily Boldy, Marketing and Communications Officer, Wellcome Genome Campus